Premium Quality Kashmiri Kesar : Grade A

  • FSSAI Certified
  • ISO Certified
  • Lab Tested

No Use of Additives/ Preservatives hence no side effetcs

  • Vaccum Packed
  • Has Multiple Health Benefits.

The Product

No Additives/Preservatives:

We have strict protocols under which the raw materials are procured, Kesar is processed and ultimately reach the hands of the culinary artists. Flavoma Kesar does not have any added colours or chemicals such as crocin sprays. We never add safranal dips and compromise with the quality to make it instantly react with the edibles and portray false redness. So, if you think your dish is taking time to brighten up, do not worry! You should know our guarantee of the finest quality and natural ingredients is into play!

Widely popular in HoReCa establishments:

Our export-grade Saffron has managed to enter and make its mark in Hotels, Restaurants, and Catering channels across the world. Our products are used in top fine-dining kitchens and have been spreading their astounding golden yellow hue all over. We package Flavoma Saffron in glass bottles to keep the aroma intact and to ensure there is zero possibility of Kesar reacting with plastic or other metals. The bulk batch orders we deliver to our customers which include many four, five, and seven-star hotels and establishments; move through an extremely streamlined export process, with strict protocols to ensure purity and flavour.

Add a pinch of elegance to your scrumptious sweets and drinks:

Just crush the Saffron strands in a pestle and add slightly warm water depending on the quantity of Kesar you are using. Keep the infused water sit for about a quarter of an hour. A small amount of Kesar can multiply the taste of your desserts like kheer, Kesar-Pista kulfi, phirni, ghewar, puddings, Kaju barfi, laddu, and halwa etc. by manifold to create an unmatched colour and flavour.