About Us

The Story – The Idea

A Startup by young entrepreneurs purely based on the idea to contribute in promoting the mountains of Kashmir, India its glory and its pure flavours to the world.

While sitting in the lap of Himalayas amidst the snow covered mountains and sipping the prominent kehwa, in a cold night of Kashmir, realised why not take the originality of this mesmerising beauty beyond the boundaries and to the reach of a common man and let the world know the Divine essence of this beautiful land of Kashmir.
And we looked none other than Kesar, which is considered to be the best cultivated and harvested in the soil as compared with the rest of the world. The blooming flowers, the charismatic Aroma spread across thousands of acres brings in not just freshness, but also a fragrance of the Great Himalayas that is known for its purity and grandeur.

The Brand- The Aim- The Family

Flavoma, is not just a brand. It is a composition of Flavour and Aroma which is handpicked from the best and second to none other and divine in its own nature. The team puts in every effort to bring the best to you because we are not creating just a brand, we are creating our very own family. A relation based on trust and honesty.

We do not just aim, but we pledge not to compromise with the quality as it is said that Quality is never an accident, it is the result of high intention, sincere efforts and skilful experience. It represents the wise choice among many alternatives.
We pledge that our Kesar (saffron) will be free of chemicals, additives or preservatives so that you get the best of mother nature on your platter through your kitchen.

We assure you, Your choice of inviting us to your kitchen, will be treated as greatest honour and you won’t be disappointed.