Flavoma Kesar- An Epitome of Pure Flavor and Divine Aroma

Flavoma stands to define freshness in the literal sense of this word.
The Mongra variant that we provide is the finest quality of Kesar grown in Kashmir. With a deep red colour, almost an unforgettable aroma, get ready to add that extra class to your kitchens with Flavoma Kesar!
The vacuum-packed long-lush strands deliver the same aroma while consumption to the time when they are packed at our distribution centres.

Benefits of Kesar

It helps pregnant women to alleviate the mood and aid to deal with digestive troubles and It improves the bone strength of the developing baby.

it has positive effects to boost eyesight, suppresses cholesterol levels and improves brain functions.

Kesar is widely used in many ayurvedic and Unani medicines to treat diseases like Arthritis and Insomnia.

Another less known fact about Kesar is that it also helps women to ease out menstrual cramps during periods.

Kesar is one of the main components in many exclusive beauty and skincare products such as face masks or ubtans, face creams, and massage creams as it is known to lighten and brighten the tone of the skin.

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